Susan Clippinger

Susan's passion for cake decorating began many years ago, but really took hold in 2000, while she was employed part-time by Frosting on the Cake in Orlando. Susan has trained under some of the most renowned instructors in the industry such as Nicholas Lodge, Norman Davis, Kathy Scott and Susan Carberry. Susan has been involved in many different aspects of the cake industry as well.

Susan has been one of the key organizers of the FL ICES Mini classes held in Orlando each year. This event is sponsored by the FL Chapter of ICES (International Cake Exploration Society) and brings in guest teachers from all over the country to teach hands on classes and demonstrations of the latest sugar art techniques. Susan was also on the team to bring the annual ICES Convention and Show to the Orlando area in 2008. She was the treasurer for the show and was responsible for handling transactions between the attendees, teachers, and vendors who were a part of the show.

While sugar art was just a hobby for Susan, she has been working in the theme park industry as a Coordinator, Project Manager and Creative Manager for two of the top theme parks in the area.


David Clippinger

David creates all the delicious cupcake and cake flavors each week. He creates all the structural elements that go into our 3D sculpted cakes. He also has a strong background in custom design and fabrication of aquariums and water gardens.

David assisted with the construction of the support system for the 2008 ICES Convention show cake.